Automatic inspection method for fire sensor and invasion sensor in underground multi-purpose duct


PURPOSE: To collectively inspect fire sensors and invasion sensors by a monitoring station without specially dispatching an operator to the individual fire sensor or invasion sensor in a shared groove. CONSTITUTION: Fire sensors 1 having individual addresses capable of specifying their setting positions are arranged on two or more prescribed positions in the shared groove and invasion sensors 4 are connected to a signal transmission line 3 connecting the sensors 1 and a monitoring unit 7 through respective repeaters 5 having individual addresses. An inspection command signal is inputted from the monitoring station 2 to the sensors 1 and the repeaters 5, a fire monitor signal generated from each sensor 1 is transmitted to the station 2, an invasion monitor signal generated from each sensor 4 is also transmitted to the station 2 through the corresponding repeater 5, and the station 2 collectively inspects both the sensors 1, 4. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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