Method and device for variation of locking rate


PURPOSE: To provide a method for varying locking rates at a low cost and a differential gear adequate for performing it. CONSTITUTION: This device has a driven differential cage 1 with two coaxial axle shaft gears 9, 10 retained in cylindrical cavities 7, 8 slidably on its outer periphery. This method is for varying locking rates of a differential gear where the axle shaft gears are interconnected through groups of axially parallel compensating gears 11, 12 positioned parallel thereto. Because variable synthetic force radially and/or tangentially added to the axle shaft gears 9, 10 is generated, or therefor a variable frictional force is generated in the receiving portions 7, 8 of the axle shaft gears, engagement of variable compensating gears 11, 12 with the two axle shaft gears 9, 10 is sequentially rendered either effective or ineffective. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO




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