Additional service execution program management system


PURPOSE: To realize the addition/delete/replacement/test of an additional service execution program with the similar procedure of usual station data revision without interruption of the exchange operation by forming the additional service execution program to be a database. CONSTITUTION: The processor forms the additional service execution program as a database and a database management HMI interface section 10 has an additional service addition/delete/replacement command 11. Moreover, an additional service execution program/processor 5 is provided with a database management section 8 managing two kinds of databases of a current version and a test version, and in the case of the normal start, a current version database 7 is read and in the case of the test start, the test version database 6 are read respectively by an additional service start request from a basic call control section 9 and a record of the read database is expanded to a main memory as a text object to implement the additional service addition/delete/replacement/ test in on-line. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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