Plant growing device


PURPOSE: To obtain the title device having simple facilities and small power consumption, wherein a light source chamber and a culture chamber are installed in the interior of a main body of a box-shaped plant growing device, a transparent dividing material is set between both the chambers and a light source capable of changing illuminance distribution by an angle of a reflector is laid. CONSTITUTION: In a plant growing device of PAKIRA, benjamin, head lettuce, Lactuca sative L. of capitata group, etc., a culture chamber 2 and a light source chamber 3 are installed in the interior of a main body 1 of a box-shaped plant growing device, a dividing plate 4 comprising a transparent glass plate is set between both the chambers, a light source 5 of a combination of two metal halide lamps of 400 watt and one high-pressure sodium lamp of 400 watt covered with a reflector 6 is laid in the light source chamber 3, the angle of the reflector 6 is made variable by a timing belt pulley 8 with teeth rotating by linking to a timing belt 9 revolving by a motor 10, illuminance distribution is changed according to growth stage of plant and an amount and qualities of light rays in the culture chamber 2 are regulated to efficiently promote growth of plant. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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