Transmission processing method for picture data


PURPOSE: To attain a restoration to a normal transmission sequence in an FSK mode even when a synchronism is lost due to the intrusion of a noise on the transmission of picture data in a high speed MODEM mode, at the time of the transmission of the picture data by an ECM communication. CONSTITUTION: When the synchronism is lost due to the incapability of the reception of a synchronizing flag included in a frame on receiving the picture data for each block constituted of plural frames in the high speed MODEM mode, the high speed MODEM mode is forcedly switched to the FSK mode in order to wait the reception. Afterwards, at the time of receiving a transmission confirmation request signal at the tail of the picture data of one block, which is transmitted from a transmission side in the FSK mode, a retransmission request signal is transmitted to the transmission side in order to request the retransmission of the frame which can not be correctly received. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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