Method for checking connection of semiconductor integrated circuit and printed circuit board


PURPOSE: To make a short-time test possible and to simply discriminate between the connection inferiority in the semiconductor integrated circuit and the connection inferiority of the circuit and a printed wiring board by checking the connection with the printed wiring board regardless of the operation in the semiconductor integrated circuit. CONSTITUTION: The wirings 2 in an externally fitted part are provided in an externally fitted main body 1 and led out so as to correspond to the respective lead wires 4, 5 of a semiconductor integrated circuit main body 3 and the leading ends thereof come into contact with the lead wires 4, 5 to be molded so as to be short-circuited. By mounting this main body 1 on the semiconductor integrated circuit main body 3 mounted on a printed wiring board 9, the lead wires 4, 5 are short-circuited by the wirings 2 in the externally fitted part and the connection of a semiconductor circuit can be checked only by the continuity test between the input and output terminals 6, 7 on the printed wiring board regardless of the internal operation of the semiconductor integrated circuit. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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