Reclining pillow for treating bed


PURPOSE: To prevent the generation of a pain even if a patient raises his body over a long period of time while the cost of this pillow is low by providing a pillow stand, a main pillow and a head rest on the pillow to be installed on the head side of a treating bed. CONSTITUTION: A head rest material 2 is put on the uppermost part of two pieces of the steel products erected on the pillow stand 1 so as to be spanned therebetween. The rest back material 2 is inserted to the steel products and is so provided as to be overhung toward U-shaped materials together with supporting pipes 21, 21 supporting the entire part of the rest back material 2. The main pillow 4 is disposed on the pedestal of the pillow stand 1. The main pillow 4 is pivotally supported by the pillow pivotal supporting materials disposed at both ends of the U-shaped materials and can be so rotated as to luff. The head rest 3 is adjustable in position, such as height, according to the adjustment of a back rest angle. In addition, the removal of the heat rest is possible at the time of using the main pillow 4 as an ordinary pillow. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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