Snow tire with circular-arc shape oscillator fitted into hole bored in ground contact surface of tire


PURPOSE: To provide a snow spike tire which increases the effect of starting and braking on a snowy road, reduces a skid, and does not damage a road even in the case of a paved road without snow. CONSTITUTION: Rectangular holes and treads are alternately arranged in a ground contact surface of a tire, and an oscillating body 1 in a circular-arc shape viewed from a side of a tire is fitted in the hole. The inside of the oscillating body is hollowed out and the outside surface thereof is of a belt- shape. A semi-eliptical driving rod 5 is continuously fitted thereto orthogonally to the advancing direction of the tire. When the driving rod 5 is brought into contact with the ground the oscillating body 1 is deformed and a part of the tire between them can rotate without being subjected to friction. Because of deformation of the circular-arc shape oscillating body 1, spikes on the side of the tread kick a snow surface so as to effectively exhibit driving force of the tire. A protective film 4 fitted to a frame of the oscillating body 1 prevents air leakage of the oscillating body 1 due to a nail and the like. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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