Multiple transfer device for image formation device


PURPOSE: To prevent the occurrence of a vibration due to looseness at the engagement. section of gears to transfer the rotation of a sensitive drum to a transfer drum or due to a load variation, and provide an image of high quality. CONSTITUTION: In the image formation device where a sheet is supported with a transfer carrier 15a on a transfer drum 15 for multiple image transfer, there are provided a sensitive drum 11 having a drive gear 31, a transfer drum 15 having a driven gear 32 engaged with the drive gear 31, a tracking member 33 fixed to the transfer drum 15 and kept in contact with the sensitive drum 11 for maintaining a constant gap between the drums 11 and 15. Furthermore, the diameter of the tracking member 33 is made larger than the diameter of the pitch circle of the driven gear 32, and the diameter of the sensitive drum 11 up to the member 33 is set smaller than the diameter of the pitch circle of the drive gear 31. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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