Toner for developing electrostatic charge image


PURPOSE: To improve electrostatic charging performance, to prevent fog and the scattering of a toner even at the time of continuous copying and to obtain a record having high image density by incorporating toner particles contg. resin and a colorant and electric conductive fine particles surface-treated with a metallic salt of carboxylic acid having a specified m.p. CONSTITUTION: Polystyrene may be used as a resin binder for a toner and carbon black, a disazo dye or pigment as a colorant. The metallic salt of carboxylic acid is abutted on the surfaces of electric conductive fine particles added to the toner by 0.05-20wt.%, preferably 0.1-10wt.% based on the amt. of the particles. The m.p. of the metallic salt is 70-250°C, preferably 100-200°C. In the case of ≤70°C m.p., the resulting toner is liable to aggregate and melt- stick at the time of continuous use and filming phenomenon is liable to occur on the surface of a photosensitive body. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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