PURPOSE: To provide the satisfactory speaker, which can prevent the radial resonance waves of divided resonance from uniformly transmitting from the peripheral part of a diaphragm and from the edge in the case of a speaker operation and can attenuate higher harmonic waves/resonance waves, at the speaker used for various acoustic equipments such as a video equipment, communication equipment and audio equipment or the like. CONSTITUTION: For a diaphragm 28, reinforce member layers 31 are provided on one side or the both sides of the diaphragm 28, and the shape of a border part 27 at the inner peripheral part of this reinforce member layer 1 is made circular, non-circular or different asymetrically to the front and back sides. Therefore the radial resonance waves of divided resonance generated from the diaphragm peripheral part and the edge 30 are attenuated like a distortion breakwater. Then, as the speaker, high performance can be obtained as the speaker to uniformly transmit them to the central part. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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