Manufacture of foamed body of ti-al series intermetallic compound and product thereby


PURPOSE: To manufacture a foamed body light in weight, excellent in heat resistance and having high strength by heating a green compact of a mixture constituted of a specified ratio of powder of Ti-Al series intermetallic compounds and the beads of foamable resin to consume the beads and executing sintering. CONSTITUTION: The powder 1 of Ti-Al intermetallic compounds and the beads 2 of foamable resin are charged to a container 3 in the ratio of (70 to 95):(30 to 5) wt.%, and mixing and stirring are executed to obtain mixed powder in which the surface of the beads is stuck with the above powder. Next, this mixed powder is charged to a die 5 and is compacted by a punch 6 to obtain a green compact 8. Then, the green compact 8 is charged to a sintering furnace 9 and is heated in vacuum or in the atmosphere of inert gas to consume the beads in the green compact, and simultaneously, sintering is executed, by which a foamed body in which many voids are formed on the sintered body constituted of the Ti-Al series intermetallic compounds can be obtd. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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