Vapor epitaxially growing apparatus


PURPOSE: To accurately suppress flow rate and pressure of hydrogen gas by diluting high temperature material gas passing through a stationary flow-rate control valve with carrier gas having passed through a variable flow-rate control valve. CONSTITUTION: A needle valve 12 made of quartz glass of semifixed type usable for high temperature gas and having wrong accuracy is provided in a high temperature gas passage 21 from a gas outlet 6A of a mercury evaporator for passing high temperature mercury gas to a reaction tube 1, a low temperature gas passage 22 is provided in parallel with the passage 21, a variable flow-rate control valve 23 which cannot be used at a position for passing high temperature gas to the passage 22 but formed of a conductance variable valve for accurately variably controlling flow rate and pressure is provided, and gas flow rate controlled by the valve 12 is accurately controlled by the flow rate controlled by the valve. That is, high temperature material gas having passed through the valve 12 is diluted with carrier gas passage through the valve 23. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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