Concrete panel


PURPOSE: To provide a concrete panel which can be produced by demolding immediately after a short-time compression molding. CONSTITUTION: The concrete panel A is produced by placing a concrete raw material 19 into a mold 20, compression-molding the material to form a formed article 24 having uneven surface pattern and demolding the formed article 24 after application of pressure. The concrete raw material 19 to be used for the production of the concrete panel is composed of cement, fine aggregate, a water-reducing agent, reinforcing fibers and water. The water-content of the concrete raw material 19 to be kneaded is preparatorily reduced by the use of the water-reducing agent. The fine aggregate is coal ash and/or fly ash having high water-absorption and easy to compact to obtain a panel resistant to collapse even by demolding immediately after press-forming. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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