Semiconductor device and manufacture thereof


PURPOSE: To improve an operating speed and reliability at a low temperature by specifying a thickness of an N-type single-crystal Si layer of an emitter and forming a potential barrier of a special value in a valance band in a junction boundary between the N-type polycrystalline Si film of the emitter and an N-type single-crystal Si layer of a substrate. CONSTITUTION: A semiconductor substrate in which an insulating film on a surface of a P-type base layer is removed and an Si surface is exposed, is inserted into a reduced pressure vapor growing furnace at 350°C, then heated to 520°C, Si 2 H 6 , PH 3 of reaction gases are fed, and a P-doped amorphous Si film is deposited 100nm in a state that a pressure in the furnace is maintained at 30Pa. The substrate is heated at 760°C in N 2 gas thereby to crystallize the amorphous Si film to form an N-type polycrystalline Si film 7, P is simultaneously diffused in the substrate to form an N-type single-crystal Si layer 6. A potential of 60 to about 80meV is formed on the boundary between the films 7 and 6, and the thickness of the layer 6 becomes 60 to 25nm. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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