Method for drying finely divided expandable styrene polymer


PURPOSE: To obtain a product which is useful as additives for insulation plaster, etc., has flowability and is easy of working by drying polymer beads suspended in water by a specified method using a gaseous medium. CONSTITUTION: First, polystyrene beads 0.02-0.3 mm in particle size suspended in water are usually separated from waste suspension and passed with the first gas flow of 45-120°C through a fluidized drier in a gas/polymer weight ratio of 2-40. Next, the polymer beads, after being separated from the first gas flow, are transferred immediately to a fluidized bed to be cooled and dried by the second gas flow of 0-75°C. Air is preferably used as the gas medium for the first gas flow, while nitrogen is preferable for the second gas flow. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO




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