Reactive dry etching method for semiconductor


PURPOSE: To provide a reactive dry etching method capable of processing the title semiconductor which is made smooth and which is damaged little even when the vapor pressure of a reaction product is low. CONSTITUTION: The following are repeated sequentially: an adsorption process by means of which halogen atoms, molecules or radicals in a definite amount are adsorbed to the surface of a semiconductor; and a desorption process used to desorb a reaction product produced as the result of said adsorption process when the surface of the semiconductor is irradiated with an energy beam. Especially when molecules or radicals which contain chlorine are adsorbed to the surface of an InP substrate 3, the definite amount to be adsorbed is set to 20 Langmuir or higher when the surface of the InP substrate 3 is at room temperature. Since an etching operation can be performed surely, it is possible to obtain a processed face which is extremely smooth at an atomic level and whose damage is small because ions are not used. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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