Self-travelling truck with work posture changing mechanism


PURPOSE: To enable easy handling in a short action range by rotating/moving a rotary table so as to turn a robot provided on a self-travelling truck or outside in the easy-to-handle direction. CONSTITUTION: A rotary table with a robot 2 and workpieces 4-4" mounted thereto is installed at the upper part of a self-travelling truck 1. With the turning of the rotary table 3, the workpieces 4-4" are moved into positions easy for a robot 2 or a person to handle. The positioning of plural workpieces 4-4" into the easy-to-handle positions in the specified stop stations is performed by commands from a control device built in the self-travelling truck 1. The teaching of handling can be thereby performed simply with a short arm. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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