Learning machine


PURPOSE: To provide the learning machine with short additional learning time of a data processor. CONSTITUTION: The learning machine is provided with a weight coefficient storage memory holding a plurality of weight coefficient, a weight coefficient change amount memory holding the change amount of a plurality of weight coefficient and a weight coefficient updating part 2 deciding the change amount of the weight coefficient to be the desirable output according to a teacher signal where an output signal is given and changing the weight coefficient. In this weight coefficient updating part 2, a learning progress decision part 13 decides whether or not the output signal is a desirable value and a weight change amount control part 14 controls whether the change amount of the weight coefficient is added to the stored weight coefficient or held in the memory of the change amount of the weight coefficient according to the output of the learning progress decision part 13. After the learning, when an additional learning for unknown input data for desirable output is conducted, can be speeded up because of the learning which changes the content of one memory of the change amount. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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