Snow melting device for rail point

  • Inventors: IWATA SHOJI
  • Assignees: Shoji Iwata
  • Publication Date: November 02, 1992
  • Publication Number: JP-H04309602-A


PURPOSE: To prevent freezing of rail point by mounting a stay which mounts an open section of hood which stores an IR heater on a rail in such a way that it can be mounted or dismounted and a power supply which supplies electricity to the heater and can be remote-controlled. CONSTITUTION: A hood 2 which stores an IR heater 1 by mounting an insulating stand 6 is opened on one side to radiate heat of the IR heater 1 on a rail 3. A heat insulating layer 14 by the air is formed with a plate 12 which also serves as a reflection plate and a plate 13 to protect from the external cold air. The hood 2 is mounted on a stay 4 by a screw 16 at the position where on open section is directed toward the bottom or side of the rail 3 in such a way that it can be mounted or dismounted. Temperature detected by a temperature sensor 18 or signal of timer is input in a controller 19. Next, the controller 19 operates a power supply 5 remotely to supply electricity to the IR heater 1 in the hood 2 which is mounted on the stay 4. Then, the rail 3 is heated by the heater 1 to melt snow. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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