Insertion method of multiple pin


PURPOSE: To certainly insert the many pins contained in a base plate by inserting a pin into the hole of the base plate, which becomes the home position of the other pins, detecting contact pressure, inserting pins so as to form the first line in the X axis direction while taking this pin as a reference pin, checking its horizontality in the X axis direction, and then checking the horizontality of pins in the Y axis direction with the base plate inclined to the Y direction and placed on the another base plate. CONSTITUTION: Contact pressure is detected with hole 3-1 of a base plate B corresponding to the pin 1-1 at a corner of a base plate A, which is the home position for many pins, aligned. In the next step, pins 1, which forms the first line in the X axis direction, are inserted into holes, and its horizontality is checked, and finally pins 1 are inserted in the direction of the Y axis, and its horizontality is checked. Owing to this constitution, the many pins can certainly and effectively be inserted into the holes of the base plate B without spoiling the environment of the pins 1 and the base plate B. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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