Production of structured layer having high temperature superconducting material


PURPOSE: To produce a structured layer of a predetermined material having at least one air gap on a foundation structure which may be structured, using a high temperature superconducting material. CONSTITUTION: At first, a foundation structure 2 is applied with a resist layer soluble to a first solvent and having a structure corresponding to that of a layer 12b to be produced. An auxiliary layer soluble to a second solvent is then cold deposited. Subsequently, the resist layer is removed, along with a part of the overlying auxiliary layer, by lift-off using the first solvent and the residual structure is applied with a coating layer composed of the substance of layer 12b to be produced at an elevated deposition temperature. Finally, the residual auxiliary layer in the range of the air gap 7 is removed, along with a part of the overlying coating layer, by lift-off using the second solvent. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO




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