Package of electronic component and mounting structure thereof


PURPOSE: To prevent a short-circuit between leads at the time of soldering and to thin the thickness after mounting components by alternately arranging gull-wing type leads and the almost straight leads in the outer lead part of a package. CONSTITUTION: In lead part 5 of a surface mount type IC 1, gull-wing type IC leads 5a and IC leads 5b being straight and given no lead processing are provided and these leads 5a and 5b are alternately arranged. When the surface mount type IC is soldered on a printed wiring board 4, mounting is performed on a counterbored part 6 provided on the printed wiring board 4. As a result, an interlead distance can be largely taken so as to prevent an interlead short- circuit at the time of soldering. COPYRIGHT: (C)1992,JPO&Japio




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