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JP-H04307386-A: Method and system for underwater sonar scanning patent, JP-H04307772-A: Production of structured layer having high temperature superconducting material patent, JP-H04308199-A: Oil control valve patent, JP-H04308471-A: Ac high voltage generator patent, JP-H0430923-A: Insertion method of multiple pin patent, JP-H04309273-A: Drive circuit for piezo-actuator patent, JP-H04309602-A: Snow melting device for rail point patent, JP-H04310168-A: Learning machine patent, JP-H04310382-A: Self-travelling truck with work posture changing mechanism patent, JP-H04310717-A: Gate seal injection molding device and injection molding method using the same device patent, JP-H04310732-A: Manufacture of composite body of oxide superconductor and metal patent, JP-H04311334-A: Spraying of spraying liquid patent, JP-H04311736-A: Production of crosslinked polyolefin foam capable of being readily incinerated patent, JP-H04312162-A: Character string extracting device patent, JP-H043132-A: Projection type display device patent, JP-H0431364-A: Production of silicon carbide sintered compact patent, JP-H04314153-A: Informaiton liaison device for plant control room patent, JP-H04315094-A: Condensate purification system for nuclear power plant patent, JP-H04315265-A: Image input/output device patent, JP-H04316204-A: Amplifier with compensating circuit patent, JP-H04316784-A: Manufacture of branch hose patent, JP-H04317105-A: Controller of traveling device patent, JP-H04317274-A: Television camera device patent, JP-H04317327-A: Reactive dry etching method for semiconductor patent, JP-H04317813-A: Adjustable spring device for wheel suspension system of automobile patent, JP-H04318003-A: Method for drying finely divided expandable styrene polymer patent, JP-H04318885-A: Small-size magnetic bead pick off device patent, JP-H04319936-A: Photograph printing exposure quantity deciding device patent, JP-H04320058-A: Semiconductor device and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H04320219-A: Optical switch patent, JP-H04321547-A: Concrete panel patent, JP-H04321689-A: Heterocyclic ketone prostaglandin analogue patent, JP-H04322298-A: Driving method for plasma display panel patent, JP-H0432241-A: Vapor epitaxially growing apparatus patent, JP-H04322579-A: Display device patent, JP-H04323201-A: Partially cross-linked hydrogenated nitrile rubber composition patent, JP-H0432475-A: Elevator device patent, JP-H04324786-A: Method for processing electric output of photoelectric converter having picture element and its device patent, JP-H0432527-A: Manufacture of foamed body of ti-al series intermetallic compound and product thereby patent, JP-H04326035-A: Gas pipe leakage detection device patent, JP-H04326296-A: Speaker patent, JP-H0432916-A: Command error detection system patent, JP-H04329663-A: Semiconductor memory patent, JP-H0433160-A: Substitution copy device for text data patent, JP-H04331652-A: Parking brake operating device for vehicle patent, JP-H04331808-A: Assembling unit patent, JP-H04333136-A: Personal computer patent, JP-H04333596-A: Plating method patent, JP-H04333857-A: Toner for developing electrostatic charge image patent, JP-H04336573-A: Multiple transfer device for image formation device patent, JP-H04336841-A: Communication terminal equipment patent, JP-H04337921-A: Adjacent switch patent, JP-H04338382-A: Production of lactone derivative patent, JP-H04339003-A: Snow tire with circular-arc shape oscillator fitted into hole bored in ground contact surface of tire patent, JP-H04339134-A: Intake structure for engine patent, JP-H04339334-A: Contact type optical recording medium patent, JP-H04341131-A: Filtration apparatus for pisciculture water patent, JP-H04341263-A: Reclining pillow for treating bed patent, JP-H04341483-A: High efficiency elevator device patent, JP-H0434231-A: Length adjusting type gas spring patent, JP-H04343450-A: Dicing blade patent, JP-H04343598-A: Speaker patent, JP-H0434378-A: Method for checking connection of semiconductor integrated circuit and printed circuit board patent, JP-H0434523-A: Light control device and light control circuit patent, JP-H04345364-A: Transmission processing method for picture data patent, JP-H04345864-A: Thermal transfer recorder patent, JP-H04346149-A: Information processor patent, JP-H04346242-A: Inspection of integrated circuit and probe card patent, JP-H04346709-A: Clutch operation device for stopping reaping of combine patent, JP-H04349468-A: Electrophotographic transfer paper patent, JP-H04349493-A: Display data test device patent, JP-H04349822-A: Plant growing device patent, JP-H04350208-A: Film type wave spending revetment patent, JP-H04351139-A: Radio telephone system patent, JP-H04351147-A: Additional service execution program management system patent, JP-H04351354-A: Method and device for variation of locking rate patent, JP-H04351558-A: Non-impact printer patent, JP-H04351934-A: Pressure sensor patent, JP-H04352099-A: Automatic inspection method for fire sensor and invasion sensor in underground multi-purpose duct patent, JP-H04352380-A: Board for electric circuit and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H04352426-A: Heat treating apparatus patent, JP-H04352583-A: Data transfer device patent, JP-H04352601-A: Device for dividing powder in rotary distributor patent, JP-H04353111-A: Bonding method and bonding device for non-adhesive patent, JP-H04354699-A: Sheet punch patent, JP-H04354779-A: Article positioning device in elevator shaft patent, JP-H04354855-A: Ferritic stainless steel for exhaust system patent, JP-H04356354-A: Dip soldering method patent, JP-H04356371-A: Resistance welding method for aluminum and aluminum alloy materials patent, JP-H04358004-A: Production of sintered body made of amorphous alloy powder patent, JP-H04358085-A: Surface treating device, surface treatment and production of semiconductor device patent, JP-H04358122-A: Liquid crystal display device patent, JP-H04358353-A: Magnetic recording/reproducing device patent, JP-H04358592-A: Watr purifier patent, JP-H04359501-A: Multilayer ferromagnetic substance patent, JP-H04359945-A: Stabilized chlorinated resin composition patent, JP-H04360918-A: Impact-absorbing panel patent, JP-H04360975-A: Parking device patent, JP-H04361027-A: Piece for forming bottle mouth plug part, bottle made of saturated polyester having said piece and proparation thereof patent, JP-H04361361-A: Method and device for processing variability of notation patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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